Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spring Delinquency


Well, I have been about delinquent and a half with this blog. After a slow, wet start and frost even last week, our gardens are in--that's my excuse. That, and moving. We've moved to a new apartment on the "bad" (downtown) side of the river, in a sweet little neighborhood where everyone is just as friendly as can be. Plus, there's a brand new Korean grocery store only two blocks away. Awesome!

We got a little (6' x 8', maybe) plot over at the community garden and our new landlord moved a fishing shack out back, so we've dug the footprint of that over. I am trying hard to adopt a relaxed attitude to cat and dog and squirrel damage, here (there was clearly a chase through the carrots last night), and to bike tracks and footprints over at the community garden. Here's a list of what we've tried to squeeze in (obviously, we erred more on the side of variety than of a reasonable harvest of any one thing).

Blue Lake Green Beans
Vermont Appaloosa Dry Beans
Black Turtle Dry Beans
Caribe Potatoes
Assorted Tomatoes (which took a heck of a beating as seedlings, since we moved on a snowy day aaand had potting soil problems)
Cyklon Hot Peppers
Sugar Ann Peas
Little Marvel Peas
Assorted radishes (Asian, Asian leaf radish types, and Easter Egg)
Assorted lettuce
Assorted carrots (one of those multi-color packets)
Mustard Greens
Seedling yellow globe onions
Florence fennel (like, six seeds, as Mr. Kimelow doesn't care for them)
Thai eggplant (not a hope in heck of getting these, really)
Assorted sunflowers
Bok Choi

I realize that it is silly that we have planted no squash. We love it, and eat a fair bit of it. However, given that we have only about 170 square feet in total, and given that our compost pile got made over to the cukes, and given that we will probably get it given to us at the height of the season, zucchini plants will just have to wait for another year. I also didn't bother with the cabbages, really, since I can't see devoting myself to floating row covers this summer.

Because we thought we would be working with a larger space this summer, I augmented an already ridiculous seed collection with the catalogues this year. That means that flower seeds (flax, poppies, larkspur, cosmos, borage, sweet peas, snaps, bachelors' buttons) got slung in around the edges of our lawn, too. They may have come up, or those might be weeds--I can't really tell. Reports on that after some true leaves come in. Photos, too, once I get my act together. For now, I'm off to sprinkle some more carrot seed into some footprints.

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