Monday, August 24, 2009

Hooo, Chilly!

It's down in the forties every night; can you believe it?! Shades of things to come, I guess.

So far this morning, I have repeated my round of phone calls to various US accounts--that our new zip code has 6 characters instead of 5 is just too much for their automated systems. I will be continuing with the unpacking and then, perhaps, I will settle on a recipe to use the extremely prolific rhubarb plant out back, seen here in low light.

Here are a few shots of our spacious new kitchen, which is growing rapidly more cluttered:

And I will leave you with a pic of the restaurant we visited this weekend. Even though the food wasn't great, it was sooo worth it to see that it was just up the street from Doc Hollandaise Grill.


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  2. Hey lady! Congrats on the move, house and job! I have to tell you, Step 1 was reading your blog, and Step 2 involved Google Maps. It is just as I suspected: Saskatchewan is far! Visits to the kimelows will be via airplane. Though your cross-country trip pictures make a pretty strong case for driving...if anything is left after Ted's apparently frequent rampages...Also I love your hair! xo