Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute as a button?


As someone pointed out to me recently, no matter where I go, I have adventures with wildlife. Check out the number of magpies that like to hang out in my yard:

There were eight of them at one point, each the size of a very large crow. Sorry they're blurry--they kept hopping around and I kept involuntarily following their movements. Their blue-green feathers are very visibly iridescent in the bright sun we usually get here.

I also just returned from the compost heap, and look what I spotted there!

I am almost positive that it's a button mushroom, oooh ah--it certainly looks and smells like one. See its cute little pink gills? That means it is not, at least, a death angel. I'll be doing a bit more internet research before consuming it, though.

And, yesterday evening, there was this down the block:

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