Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Break

Sorry to drop off the map, but I am off to Missouri to visit the folks for 2 weeks. I promise I will be filled with interesting news with which to update when I return.

News here in a nutshell--we're just back from viewing fireworks on the river, it being the second night of the fireworks festival. They were fabulous. We skipped the farmers' market this weekend, but we did go last week. It's much bigger than Ithaca's, and much more inclusive, but also much more crowded. I clumsily fell in a hole last Sunday (while taking a picture--the Nikon is unhurt, of course) and sprained my right pinky finger pretty badly, which has limited my typing. Even though we haven't yet received our insurance cards, I ended up chickening out and having it looked at on Thursday. 3 x-rays and more time with a kinder doctor than I can ever remember getting at an urgent care facility, and it cost me $57.75. Socialized medicine is looking awfully good right now.

Here are some links to entertain and delight: harvest humor and pickle innovations.

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