Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Farmer's Market is Year-Round on Saturdays, but....

Well, it's a good thing I finished knitting this vest:

And that I pulled up these cuties (they're "Easter egg" radishes), along with all the greens:

Cuz, yeah, it snowed. For real:

Apparently Saskatoon is skipping fall this year; the leaves are all still green on the trees, and everyone's flowers have been flash frozen. We got a hard frost and several inches of snow, all in one night onto rapidly cooling ground, creating the most ice-rink-y driving conditions I have experienced in some time. (No salt trucks or plows at the ready yet, see?) Very exciting.

Snowy weather always makes me homesick for Ithaca and Albany and Missouri at Christmastime. There's nothing more comforting than being cozy inside with friends and family. With apples. I MISS APPLES, ARRRGH!

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  1. And I was in Ithaca picking apples two weeks ago. I still have some apples in my kitchen, ha ha.